One to One B.Better receives Lead Gold label!

ONE TO ONE B.BETTER, the business meeting place for sustainable and responsible innovations receives the Lead Gold label!


One to One B.Better, the new One to One business meeting for decision-makers and suppliers committed to sustainable and responsible business, has just been awarded the Lead Gold label!

“We are proud to announce that we have been awarded the Lead label for the One to One B.Better event. This label testifies to our strong commitment to sustainable development and responsible innovation. “declares Sonia Mamin, Director.

The Lead label - Label Événement à Ambition Durable - is awarded to organizations that integrate ecological and sustainable practices into the planning and execution of their events. This label underlines the event's dedication to minimizing its ecological footprint while offering high-quality, value-added experiences for participants and partners.

By obtaining this label, One to One B.Better demonstrates its ability to organize events that respect the environment, promote diversity and inclusion, and encourage a greener, fairer economy. The event is committed to using resources responsibly, reducing waste and promoting sustainable practices throughout the event.

“The One to One B.Better event offers us a unique opportunity to share our sustainable vision and initiatives with other industry leaders.We look forward to discussing our best practices and exploring new ways of collaborating for a more sustainable future,” concludes Sonia Mamin.

Organized by DG Consultants, Comexposium Group, creators of the One to One format over 20 years ago, One to One B.Better completes the series of successful events that include One to One Retail E-Commerce Monaco and One to One Customer Experience Biarritz.




About the Lead

Label LEAD, the Label Evénement à Ambition Durable (Event with Sustainable Ambition Label), attests to the impact efforts that the organizer puts into his event. Based on 12 measures of excellence, it is the first label to qualify and evaluate a sustainable event based on results. Created by SGS and Green Evénements, it meets the needs of all organizers: companies, agencies, institutions, associations, trade show, convention, seminar and festival organizers. It enables them to highlight and make visible their eco- and socially responsible commitments, and why not use it as a real roadmap.


About DG Consultants
DG Consultants has developed unique expertise in the design and organization of business-accelerating BtoB events. 
In 20 years of experience, DG Consultants has developed an ecosystem of premium events for decision-makers. Each event is designed to address current and future issues and challenges in strategic sectors. DG Consultants' know-how enables guests and selected partners to choose each other on the basis of their affinities.
DG Consultants, a subsidiary of the Comexposium Group, is the creator of the One to One events that have become a must.
Each event is conceived as an immersive & convivial experience: a concentrate of opportunities, networking and exchanges between peers, for an exceptional ROI.

About Comexposium
Present in over 30 countries, Comexposium is one of the world's leading organizers of business and consumer events, staging B2B and B2C events worldwide covering a wide range of sectors including agriculture, construction, fashion, retail, healthcare, leisure, real estate, food, security, education, tourism and works councils.  
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