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2020 has allowed the planet to breathe.

This is good news. So we need three months of confinement to achieve the targets set in terms of carbon emissions. That's not so good news.

THAT SAID. There are obligations and regulations that are pushing organisations to massively accelerate their CSR strategies. The AGEC Act, the Climate and Resilience Act, Grenelle II, the REEN Act, the ZFE... they have changed paradigm and now have a list of CSR actions that are notched up over time, all that remains is to deploy them. To do this, they have organised themselves by creating an in-house CSR function responsible for acculturating and supporting the business lines, and/or by training these same teams in their new challenges... challenges from which all new investment projects flow.


And there are solutions, lots of CSR solutions. In retail and e-commerce alone, every business has its own "green" or responsible version!

  • We no longer talk about production without mentioning traceability,
  • Circularity is a must: according to a study by KPMG and Fevad, 72% of French people say they are committed to responsible consumption, so long live second-hand!
  • the transport and delivery industries are at the forefront of the drive to reduce carbon emissions
  • measurement and auditing are the cornerstone of all CSR actions for all brands and chains involved in the approach
  • sales outlets are as much CSR showcases as they are commercial ones! 
  • marketing must be responsible: product, strategy, promotion... each layer has its answer, each action has its responsible solution.

Today, this whole ecosystem can and must become clearer: depending on the organisation, the people we deal with are not the same (centralised purchasing or purchasing broken down by department/business line), and the solutions may come from "CSR by design" suppliers or from players who have developed an ad hoc offering. We're groping our way forward, with a segmented vision and often a medium- to short-termism.

With One to One B.Better, our aim is to bring together the right players in the right place; to match a clear offering with the right decision-makers; to create a global vision for ambitious strategies. We want to contribute; we want to be better. B.Better. So we're putting our One to One expertise at the service of CSR and sustainable, responsible innovation, to enable those who drive it forward to boost their business, quickly and effectively.

One to One B.Better. Paris, 4 June 2024.

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