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Opening conference : B.BETTER, yes, but how?

Opening conference

Tuesday 4 June | 9:30 AM

B.BETTER, yes, but how?

It can be profitable and responsible. To prove it, a key player on the French business scene shares his experience. A conference where you can pick up all the ideas and put them to good use for your business!

A discussion moderated by Charlotte Bricard, Journalist.

With : 

  • Frédéric Mazzella, Chairman and Founder of BlaBlaCar and Captain Cause

Opening Conference


Tuesday 4 June | 9:50 - 10:30 AM 

The AGEC Act, the Climate and Resilience Act, the Duty of Vigilance, the Decree on the Service Sector - French regulations are becoming more and more numerous. But when Europe gets involved, it becomes CSRD. A standardized CSR reporting obligation for companies with over 250 employees. More than 1,000 indicators, an upstream risk analysis... enough to frighten anyone! And yet... what if CSRD were to become the compass for CSR within the company, and a tool for federating the various functions on the subject?

A discussion moderated by Dominique Royet, Founder of Hyssop.

With : 

  • Jules Pigassou, Founder of Sustainsoft
  • Maël Le Moal, Leclerc Granville member, Leclerc Sustainable Development Manager
CSRD Conference
Fireside chat Yves Rocher

Yves Rocher's recipes for scaling up

Tuesday 4 June | 11:00 AM

In this interview, Guillaume Darrousez - CEO of Yves Rocher, will share his vision of the role of the leader in sustainable transformation. He will explain how to scale up the DNA of a sustainable brand and reconcile economic and ecological imperatives.

With :

  • Thomas Husson, VP und Hauptanalyst, Forrester Research
  • Guillaume Darrousez, CEO Yves Rocher, Executive committee member Groupe Rocher


Why bet on intergenerational business?

Tuesday 4 june | 12:00 - 12:45 PM

Description to come...

With :

  • Valérie Perruchot Garcia, Director of Public Affairs, Communications and CSR Janssen France
  • Pascale Hardy-Amargil, Founder and CEO, YES WE ARE
Why bet on intergenerational business?
How can you (better) mobilize your employees?

How can you (better) mobilize your employees?

Tuesday 4 june | 16:00-17:15 PM


Description to come...

With : 

  • Katarzyna Wisniewska Renie, CSR Director Europe Middle East at Sephora
  • Florence Baitinger, Co-founder and President of Gobi, an employee engagement mechanism
  • Guillaume Gozé, Co-Founder and President of Hyssop

"The B Corp compass: for more ethical and responsible communication"

Tuesday 4 June | 5:00 PM

A discussion on the role of communication! Rethinking the role of business in society also means rethinking the role of communication. Because our narratives collectively have an impact on what is desirable in society, on our social representations and on our behaviour and lifestyles, because the regulatory and ethical framework is evolving fast and the momentum on responsible communication is growing, because 'washing' in all its forms is becoming more subtle and more complex, including for B Corp!

Does a 'good company' necessarily do 'good marketing'?

With :

  • Fanny Auger, Culture and Transmission Evangelist
  • Elizabeth Soubelet, Board Member B Lab France and Co-founder of SQUIZ

Closing conference


Tuesday 4 June | 18:00 - 19:15 PM

What are the sources of happiness offered by behaviour that respects people and the planet?

How can we get round the obstacles to change? How does our brain encourage us to do nothing about climate change? But how can we find something to be happy about in the midst of anxiety?

A discussion moderated by Charlotte Bricard, Journalist


  • Marianne Chaillan, Pop Culture Philosopher and Author of "Où donc est le bonheur?"
  • Sébastien Bohler, Doctor of Neuroscience
  • Thomas Breuzard, Director of permaentreprise at norsys and Co-Chairman of B Lab France
Closing conference
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